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Pandemic Law



Articles and Chapters

Policy Papers and Reports

Legal Commentary

Building on global comparative research led by Dr Grogan, this body of work examines the impact of the pandemic on legal systems and governance worldwide from the perspective of the rule of law, democracy and human rights. It examines the use of emergency, ordinary and soft powers during crisis; and the relative strength and weakness displayed by both autocratic and democratic systems.

  • J Grogan, 'The Impact of COVID-19' in T Daly, and D Samaratne (eds), Democratic Consolidation and Constitutional Endurance in Asia and Africa: Comparing Uneven Pathways (OUP 2024)

  • J Grogan, 'How to learn Lessons of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Essential questions framing public and parliamentary inquiries in the UK and the EU' International Journal of Law in Context (Forthcoming 2024)

  • J Grogan and AE Yamin, 'A Functionalist Approach to Analyzing Legal Responses to COVID-19 Across Countries: Comparative Insights from Two Global Symposia' in G Cohen, AR Gluck, KL Kraschel, and C Shachar (eds), COVID-19 and the Law: Disruption, Impact, and Legacy, (Cambridge University Press 2023)

  • J Grogan, 'COVID-19, The Rule of Law and Democracy. Analysis of Legal Responses to a Global Health Crisis' (2022) HJRL

  • J Grogan, 'The Limited Role of the European Union in the Management and Governance of the COVID-19 Pandemic' (2021) 84 IOLR 480-504

  • J Grogan, 'States of Emergency: Analysing Global Use of Emergency Powers in Response to COVID-19' [2020] European Journal of Law Reform 338

  • J Grogan and A Donald, 'Lessons for a 'Post-Pandemic' Future', in J Grogan and A Donald, Routledge Handbook of Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic' (Routledge 2022)

  • J Grogan and J Beqiraj, 'The Rule of Law as the Perimeter of Legitimacy for COVID-19 Responses' in J Grogan and A Donald, Routledge Handbook of Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic (Routledge 2022)

  • J Grogan, '(Un)Governing: COVID-19 Response in the UK', in J Grogan and A Donald, 'Routledge Handbook of Law and the COVID-19 Pandemic' (Routledge 2022)

  • J Grogan, 'The impact of Covid-19 on constitutionalism and constitution-building' in Adem Abebe et al, Annual Review of Constitution-Building: 2020 (International IDEA 2021)


Articles and chapters

Examining how Brexit has impacted constitutional law and the protection of rights, this research examines the questions of power, the executive and the role of parliament in the UK as well as the UK's evolving relationship with the EU.

  • J Grogan, ‘Rights and Remedies at Risk: Implications of the Brexit Process on the Future of Rights in the UK’ [2019] Public Law 683 

  • J Grogan, ‘The Injustice of Uncertainty’ in Elaine Fahey and Tawhida Ahmed, Brexit, Justice and Injustice (Elgar Publishing 2019) 

  • J Grogan, ‘How Democratic is the Brexit Process?’ in P Dunleavey and A Parks (eds), The 2018 Audit of UK Democracy (LSE 2019) 

  • J Grogan, ‘How Democratic is the Brexit Process?’ in P Dunleavey and R Taylor (eds), The 2017 Audit of UK Democracy (LSE 2018)  

Commentary and analysis


The rule of law crisis refers to the increasing democratic deconsolidation and 'rule of law backsliding' by certain EU Member States. 'Rule of law backsliding' is "the process through which elected public authorities deliberately implement governmental blueprints which aim to systematically weaken, annihilate or capture internal checks on power with the view of dismantling the liberal democratic state and entrenching the long-term rule of the dominant party” (Pech and Scheppele 2017). This research examines the crisis, and forwards actions which should be taken at national and EU levels.

  • J Grogan, The EU's Annual Report 2023 (UKICE, 12/7/2023)

  • J Grogan and JCA van Dam, 'Soft Law and the Rule of Law Crisis', in Emilia Korkea-aho, Ulrika Mörth and Mariolina Eliantonio (eds) Research Handbook on Soft Law in the EU (Edward Elgar, 2023)

  • L Pech and J Grogan, ‘EU External Relations and Human Rights’ in Ramses Wessel, and Joris Larik (eds), EU External Relations Law: Text, Cases and Materials (Hart Publishing 2020) 

  • L Pech and J Grogan, ‘Upholding the Rule of law in the EU: What Role for the EUFRA?’ in R Byrne, G Quinn & H Entzinger (eds), Building Trust on Human Rights (Routledge 2019) 

  • J Grogan, L Pech et al, 'The crystallisation of a core EU meaning of the rule of law and its (limited) normative influence beyond the EU' RECONNECT Working Paper 7.3 (May 2021) 

  • L Pech, J Grogan et al, ‘Unity and Diversity in National Understandings of the Rule of Law in the EU’ RECONNECT Working Paper 7.1 (May 2020) 

  • L Pech, J Grogan et al, ‘Meaning and Scope of the EU Rule of Law’ RECONNECT Working Paper 7.2 (May 2020) 

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